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Secrets To Getting an NEF Grant in 2018/2019

This really is not that complicated. The difference between a grant request that gets funded and one that does not often comes down to one of the items below:

1. Follow the directions and fill in all requested blanks. Most grant requests have blank spots. This costs you at least half a point on the score; sometimes more. Oh yes: use the correct forms!

2. Make certain your objective is observable and measurable.

3. Be sure your objective is based on state instructional standards. They may be found here.

3. Your method of evaluation should be directly related to your stated objective and be measurable. Lots of things can measure success: check sheets, student products, video, audio and tests. Be sure you can justify saying "My project was successful because 80% of the students achieved the objective." and be able to show the data that prove it.

4. Disappointed you didn't get funded? Rewrite the grant, tweak it a bit and turn it in next time.

5. This won't help you get a grant, but it will make the grant more fun if you get it: spend all the money.