The Nadaburg Education Foundation

32919 Center Street, Wittmann, Arizona 85361

Estate Planning

A lasting legacy can be established through a bequest to the Nadaburg Education Foundation. All donations are used to support the teachers and students of the Nadaburg Unified School District No. 81.

While the Nadaburg Unified School District is showing significant growth, the funding for public schools in this state is never adequate to support a broad educational program rich in science, technology, the arts and other 21st Century requirements.

A bequest on your behalf will let the school district fully support and enrich all areas of the curriculum serving all students, including the arts, science and hands-on learning and real life application of academic skills.

The Nadaburg Education Foundation, Inc. Is a legally registered 501(C)3 non-profit corporation. All donations are tax deductible on your Federal and State income taxes.

tax sheltered status

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