Our Partners:

Tax Credit donations can only be used to support:

* Before/after school activities-tutoring, sports, clubs, etc.

* Field Trips

Donations to the Foundation:

* Tax deductible

* Support the educational goals of the   Nadaburg Unified School District

The Nadaburg Education Foundation is not a part of the Nadaburg School District. The Foundation operates in a supportive role to the District and uses all funds to support the Foundation's Charter.​​

The Nadaburg Education Foundation, an all-volunteer organization, engages in several fundraising activities a year. No two years are the same. Examples would range from barbeques to golf tournaments. All activities are publicized throughout the community to enlist maximum support.

All proceeds after expenses go directly to the Nadaburg Education Foundation. Administrative and project costs are at an absolute minimum.

Some funds are invested for the long term health of the Foundation, while others are spent on supporting the educational goals of the Nadaburg Unified School District. For example:

This is Different From the Arizona Tax Credit Program

What Your Donations are Used to Fund

How We Raise Funds


Supporting S.T.E.M education in the schools

Student Scholarships and awards

The Nadaburg Education Foundation

32919 Center Street, Wittmann, Arizona 85361

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Fund classroom grants

Supporting the arts in the classroom

"Improving the lives of our students"

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