For the 2022/23 school year The Nadaburg Education Foundation will be awarding up to 10 grants with up to $10,000 in total funding to elementary and high school teachers for use in the 2022/2023 school year. ALL GRANT REQUESTS FOR THE 2022/23 SCHOOL YEAR WILL BE AWARDED IN OCTOBER, 2022. This information is available now so you can be ready to submit early in the year. The application is short and easy to fill out. The money will be awarded to teachers within a week of the award in the form of a check from the Foundation. Those teachers that have not previously been awarded grants will be given priority whenever possible. IN THE EVENT OF ALL GRANTS NOT BEING AWARDED, THOSE APPLICANTS WITHIN 3 POINTS OF BEING FUNDED WILL HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO REVISE THEIR GRANT AND RESUBMIT WITHIN ONE WEEK. ALL GRANT MONEY SHOULD BE AWARDED THIS YEAR.

All applications for grants in the 2022/23 school year are due by the end of the business day (4:00 PM) on October 10, 2022. Turn them in to your principal before the due date. Principal's will forward applications to the district office and the Foundation. There are no second semester grant applications. All applications for the year are due by 10/10/22.

The due date for this year's grant cycle will be October 10, 2022. Tips on how to get a grant from the NEF.

Classroom Grants for the Nadaburg Unified School District

Our 2023 Classroom Grant Winners!

Becky Bevan, NES Stem in the Classroom

                                           Veronica Rosas, NES The Archery Program

                                                                                  Rebecca Brown, NES Developing Movement in Pre-school.

The Nadaburg Education Foundation

32919 Center Street, Wittmann, Arizona 85361

Spring 2017 winners and
their grant titles

Over $1,100.00 was distributed to teachers on 2/23/17 for use in their classrooms

Top Left: Lindsey Dyer, Expressive Language Development

Top Right: Maureen Snead, LEGOS STEM kits

Bottom Center: Samantha Miller, Oviparous Project

Our Partners:

Fall 2016 winners and their grant titles

Top Left: Jeanna Hodges, Building Centers

Top Right: Kim Eberlein and Ericka Chapman, Generalizing Outside the Classroom

Bottom Left: Linda Straub and Stephanie Savage, S.T.E.M. Centers

Bottom Right: Samantha Miller, Kinder Reading Project