The Nadaburg Education Foundation

32919 Center Street, Wittmann, Arizona 85361

The Nadaburg Education Foundation

32919 Center Street

Wittmann, AZ  85361

For help:
phone: 602.625.6630

Please complete the form below to register to play golf in the 5th Annual Nadaburg Open, at the Stardust Golf Course on 
April 6, 2019 at 1 PM. The fee includes, green fee, cart, driving range balls and lunch. $50.00 per player. for four players registered at the same time, otherwise $60 for a player.  All proceeds go to enriching the educational program of the Nadaburg Unified School district and are tax deductible.

First Name: ____________________________  Last Name: ____________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

City: ________________________  State: _______  Zip: ____________________________

Who are you paying for? List all names below.

Your name: _________________________________________________ $50.00 ($60 if only registering one player..

Others: ________________________________________________________________ $50.00 each

Payment Information: Credit Cart or personal check

CC# ____________________________________________________________________________

Expiration Date:  ______________________________   Security Code on back: ____________________


Enclose a personal check. On the memo line, please put Nadaburg Open.

Mail this form to: 
The Nadaburg Education Foundation
‚Äč32919 Center Street

Wittmann, AZ   85361